What make us different

Our Studio has been created using more than 90% inputs which are used and upcycled. Some of the articles that we have created are more than 70 years old and were lying in a run – down condition at a dealer of waste material.

Our Mission

Our products are perfectly at home when they are displayed at our studio which itself is situated in a serene surrounding. We have tried bringing in a mix of colors that are subtle yet vibrant.

Our Vision

This little adobe of ours compliments the bohemian vibe of our products very well.  Visit our studio and you’ll most definitely fall in love with the vibe it has got.


Our products are handcrafted and handmade by local artisans from the finest weaves of cotton and jute. The products are designed keeping in mind the aesthetics and versatility that lies in cottons & jute and the fine woven textures we’ve been inherited with. We use minimal vegan leather instead of animal leather.